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Losing one’s hair is a completely normal occurrence that is simply just a fact of life, most people lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair each day. However, there are some instances when hair loss is actually a sign of something much more severe.

Regardless, hair loss comes in many different ways such as thinning or utter and complete hair loss.

The causes of hair loss in women and men derive from a variety of factors from genetics, stress and even medical treatment. Here are just a few ways to prevent and stop hair loss thinning and hair loss.


hair loss solutionsHair Loss Supplements

One of the easiest ways to stop hair loss for both men and women is to take particular hair loss supplements.

All vitamins and minerals associated with hair growth:

  1. Vitamin D (Get yours here)
  2. Zinc  (Get Your Here)
  3. Iron  (Get Yours Here)
  4. Vitamin B6   (Get Yours Here)
  5. Vitamin B12   (Get Yours Here)

Taking any of the various hair vitamins should help with hair loss in women and men.

However, it should be noted that you want to be sure that these supplements actually contain the previously mentioned vitamins and minerals.

hair vitamins review Biotin is a B complex vitamin:

Supports the body’s  ability to synthesise and metabolise

1.  glucose

2.  fatty acids

3.  amino acids

4.  stress hormones

Biotin helps grow healthier and stronger hair.

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hair loss solutions

Laser treatments

One of the only treatments for hair loss that is cleared by the FDA is laser hair loss treatments.

Those interested in laser treatments can pick up a laser wand or helmet and begin using it in order to curb hair loss.

regrow hair laser comb

laser helmet



               Laser Comb                              Laser Helmet

Researchers have found that men and women who used laser treatments around three times a week found that their hair density increased after 26 weeks of treatment.
laser hair loss treatment results

However, users must keep in mind that this form of treatment is generally only used to treat hair loss caused by genetic factors.

So, this type of solution will not help those who lose hair due to medical conditions.

hair loss solutionsCosmetic Cover-ups

While things like cosmetic cover-ups, powders and sprays will not curb or fully prevent hair loss, they can sometimes make it appear like your hair is fuller than it actually is.

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hair fiber

Toppik hair building spray

infinity hair loss concealing fibers








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  • Hair building powders contain synthetic hair fiber that makes your hair look thicker for a 24-hour period.
  • Hair Fiber sprays are another option to cover up spots that loosing hair

hair thickener








hair thickening products









Of course, you want to be sure that any powder or spray that you use is meant for your hair colour, otherwise, the cover-up will not match and clash with your remaining hair.

hair loss solutionsHair Growth Solution

Trials have shown that Regaine (Minoxidil) can help slow or even stop, hereditary hair loss in as many as 8 out of 10 users.

A percentage of those, can even regrow some hair.

This makes it the trusted treatment choice of over 5 million people worldwide. Regaine Extra Strength Foam contains minoxidil 5%, and is designed for men who want faster results in comparison to the normal strength. Meanwhile, Regaine for Women Regular Strength 2% Minoxidil, is suitable for women.  

  • It is more suitable and more likely to help those looking for regrowth.
  • It has been shown to re-grow some hair in 3 out of 5 men
  • Results may appear after 8 weeks of use.

rogaine for men    regaine, minoxidil for women

           Regaine for Women                                           Regaine for Men

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Regaine is believed to work by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to the hair follicle. In the early stages of Regaine use, old hairs may fall out, making way for new thicker hairs – so don’t worry if hair loss increases at first.

The active ingredient in Regaine is minoxidil, which has undergone extensive medical testing for safety and effectiveness.

Minoxidil works by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to the hair follicle. This helps strengthen existing hair and in some cases can stimulate secondary growth.

hair loss solutions


One of the easiest ways to stop hair loss for both men and women is to simply commit to being in better shape.

This research states that due to the fact that exercise reduces stress, it also reduces the chance of hair loss.

The researchers came to this conclusion based on many recorded instances of stress being associated with the rapid hair loss in men.

This connection caused them to look further at this correlation, and they determined that since people with higher levels of cardio respiratory fitness release less cortisol, known as the stress hormone, it is clear that stress is directly connected to the chance of hair loss in women and men.

hair loss solutions

 Eating Better

Researchers also claim that what you eat has a clear effect on hair loss.

According to experts, food that contains:

  • Vitamin A like fruits and vegetables, as well as food that contains
  • Vitamin B6,
  • Vitamin B12 andfolic acid like chicken, fish and eggs directly affect the rate of one’s hair loss.

It is also recommended that both men and women who want to avoid hair loss should make sure to properly hydrate by consuming at least 72 ounces (or 9 cups) of water per day.

What if None of This Works?

If none of the aforementioned treatments seem to work for you, experts highly recommend that you visit a dermatologist in order to determine whether other factors are contributing to your hair loss.

For example, if your hair seems to fall out in clumps, you may be suffering from Alopecia Areata and should visit your doctor immediately. However, when it comes down to it, you are the only one who can do something about your hair loss, so it would be wise to try the before mentioned treatments if you would like to prevent or lessen your rate of hair loss.


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